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Jun 2021

Date Event Location
Jun 13, 2021 Four Fools Wine Run 5k
Four Fools Winery
Rodeo CA
Jun 19, 2021 Spencer Farm Wine Run 5k
Spencer Farm Winery
Noblesville IN
Jun 26, 2021 Massbach Ridge Wine Run 5k
Massbach Ridge Winery
Elizabeth IL
Jun 27, 2021 DC Estates Wine Run 5k
DC Estate Winery
South Beloit IL
Jun 28, 2021 Park Farm Wine Run 5k
Park Farm Winery
Durango IA

Jul 2021

Date Event Location
Jul 10, 2021 Kickapoo Creek Wine Run 5k
Kickapoo Creek Winery
Edwards IL

Aug 2021

Date Event Location
Aug 1, 2021 Vines to Cellar Wine Run 5k
Vines to Cellar
Port Washington WI
Aug 7, 2021 Country Mill Orchard Wine Run 5k
Country Mill Orchard & Cider Mill
Charlotte MI
Aug 22, 2021 Four Daughters Winery Wine Run 5k ("Date Pending")
Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery
Spring Valley MN

Dec 2021

Date Event Location
Dec 31, 2021 August Hill Winery
August Hill Winery
Utica IL
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