Wine Run 5K - It's Not a's an experience!

We are looking to expand our locations and are looking to feature more incredible local wineries.  This event is a perfect win-win-win relationship benefiting the winery, local charity partner and the race. Click here to contact us about hosting an event.


  • All Event Expenses 
  • All Planning and Logistics 
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Off Peak Sales Revenue Guarantee


  • Awesome Wine
  • Provide an amazing location that allows for a 3 mile course on property and at least 200 (outdoor) guests.

Sound Simple?  That’s our goal! We scheduled over 50 Wine Runs last year and provide a streamlined approach that requires no workload or liability to the winery, but still provides an exceptional experience to participants!

Key Points/FAQ’s:

  • Race is usually held at 9:00 AM on Saturday or Sunday
  • Our marketing target demographic is Wine Lovers with friends who can do a 5k…not Runners!
  • We provide special event insurance and all participants sign a waiver of liability release
  • 100% of our Wineries have booked a race the following year!

For more information:  Contact Tom Jordan at 815-354-6441, or visit for a list of our current wineries

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